Holistic facials thoughtfully curated for you using Mukti Organics active botanical skin care


Redefining Beauty

Alchemising skincare and self-care with healing


Vanessa Hackett

Holistic Facialist

Growing up in rural New Zealand, Vanessa developed a strong connection to the rhythm of nature and reverence for natural beauty.  She began her career in 2004 and in her late 20’s was introduced to reiki energy healing.  With such profound effects, she went on to study and now incorporates this subtle yet powerful modality into her facial treatments.  Vanessa maintains advanced education in skin analysis and supports the integrity of the skin using Mukti Organics active botanical skincare.

"My hands, heart, and mind love treating the whole person and every aspect of the holistic facial is preformed within a meditative and intuitive state. The heart and soul of each facial is to connect you deeply within yourself ~ calming your mind, restoring emotional balance and clarifying your skin beautifully."    Vanessa

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Holistic Facials

Each holistic facial is curated according to your skin health and emotional well-being and includes Mukti Organics active botanical skin care, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage and subtle reiki energy healing.​

75 minutes  |  $185



Skin care that simply cares for your skin.

Mukti Organics is both high preforming and formulated with integrity. 

Intentionally selected for its optimised delivery systems and active botanical ingredients.  Each product is specifically curated for your skin.

Mukti Organics uses environmentally conscious packaging, are cruelty free and independently certified vegan.


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