Energetic Facial

This facial has been thoughtfully curated to connect you deeply with yourself  ~  combining Mukti Organics active botanical skincare with deeply rejuvenating facial massage and subtle Reiki energy healing.  

With your permission, the flow of Reiki energy is infused throughout this experience and can be felt as a gentle, radiating warmth.

We begin by cocooning you into a deep state of relaxation, closing down your eyes and delighting your senses.  From there every aspect of this facial is customised according to your skin health and emotional well-being.  This includes warm facial compressions, deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, treatment masks, active infusions, intuitive facial, neck and scalp massage and Reiki energy healing.

We recommend drinking plenty of water following your treatment to assist the body in rehydrating and flushing out toxins.

woman in towel