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Holistic Skincare

Updated: Mar 5

Growing up in rural New Zealand I developed a strong connection to the transient seasons and rhythmic cycles of nature. I recall being fascinated with human biology and natural beauty. I went on to study Beauty Therapy and gained a comprehensive foundation in anatomy, physiology and cosmetic chemistry.

I was introduced to the philosophy of holistic skincare as I began working with Dr Hauschka, an organic skincare range. Their approach was unique as it honoured the interconnectedness of the whole and yet this concept that felt very familiar to me. I was inspired by the bio-dynamic farming practices and rhythmic polarities used to create their potent plant extracts, formulated with integrity and free from synthetic chemicals.

I thoughtfully curate each Energetic Facial using organic, active botanical products as appropriate for each individual. With optimised delivery systems their preparation and application to the skin, works in harmony with and not against the natural rhythms of the skin.

Working holistically with each person further activates and harmonises the body’s natural forces. I support the many regenerative cycles by incorporating warmth, rhythmic breathing, therapeutic touch and lymphatic activation. The Energetic Facial is designed to stimulate the circulatory and nervous systems to detoxify, regenerate and strengthen the skin. My holistic approach also informs how I choose to my own life intuitively and in harmony with the many rhythms of nature.

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