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Redefining Beauty

Updated: Mar 5

Everyday beauty is cultivated though how we love, what we consume and how we think. Redefining Beauty takes the emphasis off "doing" beauty and seeks to honour the many ways in which we care for our whole being. By simply observing how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs inform our daily practices we can better support our general health and well-being.

From a holistic perspective Redefining Beauty empowers each person to determine what beauty means to them. This approach seeks to honour the interconnecting relationships between the mind and body, through our skin and nervous system. Each treatment is curated just for you in working with the rhythms of your body to close down the thinking mind and activate the energetic body.

Our skin is highly sensitive to emotions and intuitive touch. Each treatment is designed to cultivate moments of intentional synchronicity between your body and consciousness, where the very act of skincare becomes an act of self-care.

When we experience stress our body is on high alert and our intuition, digestion, reproduction and healing is put on hold. When the cause of our stress is ruminating unproductive thoughts and not an immediate danger, our body is able to adapt, but in the long term this ultimately leads to burn out.

We begin each treatment by setting an intention to work together and from there we determine your current state of well-being. We discuss any signs and symptoms you may be experiencing and create a restorative experience for you. This includes active botanical skincare, deeply relaxing massage and Reiki energy healing.

We establish fundamental daily practices and supportive skincare rituals that feel good to you. These can be as simple as adequately hydrating, consuming nourishing foods and prioritising restorative sleep. We also seek to promote vitality through calming your mind and activating the nervous system to access your intuition and higher consciousness.

When consciously shifting our nervous system from a state of stress to a state of calm we can better recognise the thoughts, feeling and beliefs which inform our reality. And from there, better identify how our lived experiences reinforce our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I am here to reminder you, you are always in control. My goal is to help you tap into your higher consciousness and receive support in taking exceptional care of your complete being.

In wellness x

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