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Reiki Energy Healing

Updated: Mar 5

Growing up I was highly intuitive, oftentimes becoming increasingly overwhelmed with other peoples energy. In my early 20’s I embarked on my very first silent meditation retreat and I loved it. This solo time in nature had a profound impact on my nervous system and closing out the external noise gave rise to my mental chatter. This experience gave me a great foundation to practice quieten my thinking mind and dropping into my body.

During my later academic studies I was highly functioning and eventually developed anxiety. Taking a proactive approach, I began working with health care practitioners to re-establish my fundamental wellness practices. Focusing predominately on my nutrition, water intake, time in nature, movement and sleep. I also developed a micro meditation practice of putting my timer on for 5 minutes during the day and simply orientated my attention back to my breath. As my mood, stress levels and energy began to improve I was increasingly motivated to take care of my health through this a holistic approach. I began working with an integrative GP, intuitive counsellor, Reiki practitioner, Kinesiologist and Chiropractor. I chose to take complete responsibility in my health care and invested my time, money and energy into optimising my physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being.

Receiving Reiki energy healing had the most profound impact on my well-being. Being sensitive to energy meant I was continuously absorbing energies which I was unable to distinguish from my own. Reiki energy healing enabled me to clear the energetic layers that weren't actually mine and begin experiencing my own. This activation of energy was so incredibly calming and soothing that I went on to study the First and Second Degree in the Usui system of Reiki healing.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality, founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui. This hands on healing modality encompasses attunement in directing the movement of Qi (chi) or life force energy throughout the body. As the Reiki energy is activated and flows we drop into a deep state of relaxation and may experience the sensations of radiating warmth and a harmonising resonance between the mind, body and soul. As a practitioner, I hold an intentional state of meditation activating theta brain waves. This promotes healing by synchronising our gamma brain waves and influences a process of neurogenesis, which involves creating new neural pathways in the brain and neuroplasticity, ultimately changing the structure and function of the brain.

Reiki energy healing promotes wholeness and relieve dis-ease by addressing each person’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being. It can be performed anytime anywhere simply through connecting intentions. The many benefits of Reiki energy healing include, stress management, pain management, improved sleep, enhanced sense of well-being, energy and vitality.

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