• Vanessa Hackett

Welcome note

Hello and a warm welcome to Redefining Beauty. This is a sacred space dedicated to alchemising skin care with self-care and healing. My purpose in life and mission in my work is to assist you in connecting deeply within yourself, restoring your mind, body and soul. Each treatment is preformed within a meditative and intuitive state and I am guided by your innate intelligence.

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist, Registered Nurse and Reiki Practitioner with over 17 years' clinical practice. I have a personal interest in holistic well-being and have studied nutrition, meditation and yin yoga. I also receive regular kinesiology and chiropractic care to keep myself well and able to serve your highest good.

My treatment offerings are bespoke, meaning no two sessions are the same. I offer functional skin health consultations, bespoke facials, deeply relaxing body massage and reiki energy healing. We begin each treatment by inviting you to share your intentions for the session and then discuss how we can work together, supporting you in reaching your long term goals.

In my practice I strive to create an environment that supports you to feel safe, seen and understood while expressing your concerns, needs and desires. I will provide professional opinions and tailored recommendations based upon my clinical assessment and ultimately will be guided by you in determining what is in your best interest.

My intention in working with you is that you are always in control of your experience, empowered to create change at your own pace and develop a deep trust and commitment within yourself. My hope is that you feel at home, thank you for being here.

In wellness x

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